About Us

Bib + Tuck is a highly curated community of shoppable personal closets
Sari Azout

Sari A still has the napkin where she illegibly scrawled the idea for Bib + Tuck (seriously, though). She’s been sporting overalls since the age of 7.

Sari Bibliowicz

Sari B can hold a conversation with a water bottle if she’s in front of it long enough. She’s been known to fearlessly walk up to Anna Wintour. Twice.

Ilana Savdie

Ilana designed the logo for Bib + Tuck and has been the head designer ever since. As of last week, she has been compulsively doing nail art on everyone in the office.

A Tale of 2 Saris

Sari A and Sari B met in preschool.

Since 1989, their love story was defined by a closeness of closets.

20+ years later, the Saris found themselves living in the same Manhattan building and 90% of the time, in each other’s closets.

They got used to an endlessly revolving closet door and the ability to never spend money on clothes. When they finally exhausted each other’s closets, they decided the natural solution was to bring their closets to the world (and of course, the world’s closets to them).

400 cups of coffee, a couple of near mental breakdowns, and an 80’s movie montage later, Bib + Tuck was born.

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